why lose weight?

I believe a person can be overweight and healthy.

I don’t believe being 100lbs overweight is healthy for me.

It’s laughable to me when I go to my doctor and she hesitates to mention my weight. As if I don’t already know I’m overweight and she’s breaking the bad news to me. Yeah, I know if I lost a little weight I might be able to lower my blood pressure, or my knees would hurt less, or might sleep better or live longer. Thanks Dr. Obvious.

I know if I lose weight, become healthier and in better physical shape, I could live longer and not die prematurely.

Death is just not a tangible thing. Death is a thing far off in the distance…over there.

Ask me if I want to live long enough to see my boys get married and have grandchildren? Of course I do.

Am I convinced that eating a donut is gonna prevent that from happening? Of course I’m not convinced. I won’t drop dead from just one jelly donut.

Fear of death is not a motivator. Having a better quality of life, not just a longer one, should be the real motivation.

When I thought of the tangible reasons to lose weight, big and small, I focused on what would make me happier, a better person, and allow me to have a better quality of life.

Here’s just 20 of the reasons I came up with, to lose weight and be healthier:

  1. I could get on the ground and get off of the ground easier
  2. Airplane seats would be more comfortable
  3. I’m convinced I would sweat less
  4. I could take long walks again
  5. Future grandkids (way way way into the future boys!)
  6. Feel physically stronger
  7. I could take the stairs without feeling like I’m dying
  8. No more snarky remarks from my mother…well, maybe fewer snarky remarks?
  9. More energy
  10. More sex from being happier naked
  11. Happier husband from the more sex
  12. Hike (not take the bus) up to Machu Picchu
  13. Enjoy a long retirement
  14. Future weddings of my boys (no pressure boys, but I hope you find someone!)
  15. Kayaking
  16. My weight would be one less thing to worry about
  17. No fear of fitting in the roller coaster seat
  18. Learn Muay Thai and be a bad ass
  19. I believe I’d feel more like myself, the way I used to be
  20. Experience comfort while wearing shorts