Week 3: cardio…what cardio?

Yeah, that didn’t happen.

No cardio happened.

The most “cardio” I did was wandering Home Depot and the flooring store on Saturday.

I kept saying to myself “I’ll do it tomorrow” and then ran out of tomorrows.

Kinda felt like I was trying to jump onto a moving carousel. Go NOW, ok wait a second…try it now…hang on. One day, I even got dressed in workout clothes with ever intention to workout, but ended up sitting in the kitchen talking to my husband.

So, huh?

I think the quantity target messes with my mind. Knowing I aimed to do 3 days meant I could wait 4 days before I “had” to do it.

How about aim for each day and hope for 3? Dunno, let’s try that mindset and see what we get.