Week 4: shiny penny syndrome and PANIC

What went well week 4?

  • Breakfast, still eating yogurt & fruit and avoiding McDonalds. This seems like it’s an autopilot. I briefly considered allowing McDonalds once a month, but decided to take an all or nothing approach to breakfast right now.
  • I did some kind of workout for 2.5 hours. I am gonna count this as a win
  • I reduced the number of times where I overate or made bad choices later in the day. I think my willpower muscle is getting stronger and my I Deserve thinking is fading a bit.

What didn’t go well?

I have shiny penny syndrome. When something new and shiny came along, as an alternate to cardio, I jumped all over it.

A friend of my sister runs a personal trainer business and gave me a few times last week. So, instead of doing cardio, I did 2 sessions of 1 hour strength training. Not the worst trade, but I believe I should still figure out the cardio thing.

I can’t stress enough, I loathe doing cardio.

I always avoid doing things I hate. I have this chronic affliction in all aspects of my life. It takes some sort of PANIC trigger before I will do something I hate doing.

  • Expense reports at work…Takes at least the third emailed alert of dire consequences and maybe even my boss telling me to get it done, before I even think of doing it.
  • Bathrooms… I just do the bare minimum cleaning until guests are coming over.
  • Dentist appointments…I am a bad bad person, who frequently reschedules until the toothache gets too bad, and by then I have way more problems.

Even though I know I should do the things I hate, I just can’t!!!! I don’t know why!

The problem with cardio is, there is no PANIC stage where I am forced to do it.

At least with bathrooms, the PANIC sets in before my guests arrives.

What is the PANIC trigger for cardio?

Not gonna give up on cardio, I need to figure this out for week five.