Week…who the fuck knows anymore

Of course I actually know that it is week 13. For the first 4 weeks I was really focused (mostly). While I hate to focus on the “could haves”, if I had stayed the course the last few weeks, I could have actually lost some weight by now. For like 2 weeks, I had actually gained 5-6 pounds until I got a hold of myself.

Apparently I am a textbook case of diet & exercise – I can stay committed for a few weeks and then just blah.

This has been a fight for the mental capacity of my brain. How much bandwidth does my brain have? Can it handle the crazy politics of this country, stress at work, my last child going off to college, home remodel and trying to lose weight all at once?

Is it really just a matter of prioritizing?

Pretty much the only thing to survive the last 9 weeks has been having a good breakfast (most of the time) and strength training twice a week.

I did have something happen that has gotten me back on the wagon. My husband is 45 years old and has 5 herniated disks in his back and severe arthritis in his feet. He had a terrible 3 week stretch that he spent on crutches and laid up in bed. Having to do a lot more around the house, going up and down the stairs way more often, really highlighted just how out of shape I am.

It’s a reasonable assumption that my husband will have future events where he’s laid up and may eventually need me to physically support his movements. I should be in better to shape to help take care of him.

So, I’m back on the wagon.

My plan for the rest of this week and for week 14 is better dinners. More vegetables, salads, and less carbs & eating out.

Let’s go (again)